Q: What is it like to article at PFD Lawyers?

Articling at PFD does not involve rotation. An articling student will therefore work with several lawyers in the firm's different sectors. The articling period is the opportunity to find the type of practice you are most interested in and collaborate with almost all the firm's lawyers.

Q: What types of mandates are law students and articling students assigned to?

As a student or an articling student, you could be called upon to carry out research, help prepare arguments and conferences, take part in meetings between lawyers and their clients, appear before the courts and draft procedures and contracts. You may also attend trials and out-of-court examinations.

Q: How many articling students are hired each year?

The firm hires two or three articling students each year.

Q: Is it possible to work as a student before articling?

Yes. Future articling students are invited to join us in the summer following their third year of law school and use the time as an opportunity to become more familiar with private practice and meet their new colleagues.

Q: In which of PFD's offices will I article?

Articling students generally work in our Boisbriand and Saint-Jérôme offices. The location is determined based on workload.  

Q: How many articling students are offered a position at the end of their articling?

In recent years, 90% of articling students were offered a position at PFD. The firm's articling student retention rate is excellent and it is important for us to be able to offer a position to those who are successful.

Q: Does PFD Lawyers take part in career days?

Yes. Lawyers from our firm take part in career days at Université de Montréal, Université du Québec à Montréal and Université de Sherbrooke. We encourage you to meet with them and ask any questions you may have about our firm and student programs.

Q: Did PFD Lawyers sign the Entente de recrutement pour la course aux stages?

No. The firm did not sign the Entente de recrutement pour la course aux stages. However, we begin to conduct our interviews at about the same time as the firms that did. While there is no deadline to submit an application, we suggest that you submit yours as soon as possible.   

Q: What is the interview process?

The entire process generally includes two interviews. Students whose applications were selected will meet with a PFD lawyer and partner. The initial interview is more cordial. The aim is to meet the student and learn more about his/her interests, expectations and motivations. After the first round of interviews, the firm selects the most promising students. They will be asked to take part in a second interview with two or three of the firm's partners, who will then choose the students who will be offered an articling position.