Our firm

The law firm which has become Prévost Fortin D'Aoust was founded in 1937. At that time, Joseph Fortier left his duties as prothonotary for the Judicial District of Terrebonne to begin his own private practice.

Fortier was part of the elite of his time. In addition to his legal acumen, he was known to be well read and knowledgeable. His passion for music led him to direct the town choir, and in 1924 he gained a certain notoriety by leading a musical tribute to Curé Labelle, a historic pioneer in the development of the Laurentians.

A respected professional, Fortier attracted the townspeoples' trust. They relied on his advice and services, as the saying went, "for all matters of Law". Fortier devoted his entire life to a proud tradition of trust and integrity. Forever the consummate lawyer, Fortier was behind his desk at the office a few hours a week even in the mid-1960's...even though he was well past 90 years of age at the time!

This reputation of flawless integrity was shared by Fortier's successors. Six of said successors were appointed to the bench: the late Honourable Guy Mathieu, in 1969; the Honourable André Forget, in 1982; the Honourable André Rochon, in 1994 (the two later were then respectively appointed in 1996 and in 2002 to the Québec Court of Appeal, the highest judicial court of the Province), the Honourable Claude Auclair in 2004 and the Honourable Stéphane Sansfaçon in 2011, all as judges of the Superior Court, and the Honourable Patrick Choquette, who was appointed to the Civil Division of the Court of Québec in 2017. The Honourable Stéphane Sansfaçon was appointed in 2019 to the Québec Court of Appeal.