An internship in a dynamic & stimulating environment

An internship at PFD Lawyers

Are you looking for an internship in which you’ll be involved from day one? An internship in which you’ll quickly gain autonomy while having a team of professionals to guide you and help you progress?

Our team is ready to welcome you!


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PFD Lawyers is part of the Entente de recrutement as part of the Course aux stages. Students wishing to be part of the PFD Lawyers team for the 2025 and 2026 articling year are invited to submit their cover letter, curriculum vitae and transcript via the viLawPortal between Friday, February 2, 2024 at 9 a.m. and Monday, February 5, 2024 at 5 p.m.

PFD Lawyers is a signatory to the 2023-2024 Course aux stages agreement. Click here to access our brochure to learn more about our dynamic articling environment.

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Evaluation of applications
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Desired qualities


From the very start of their career, trainees may be called upon to meet customers. They are also encouraged to build up their clientele over the years.



Thoroughness, critical thinking and attention to detail are the qualities that distinguish lawyers from excellent lawyers. Students and articling students will quickly realize that details make a major difference in cases.



A future lawyer who isn’t afraid to take the initiative and go for it will always be better served as the years go by in his or her career progresses.


Team spirit

Lawyers working in a medium-sized, multidisciplinary law firm are expected to be team players and to support each other. At PFD Lawyers, teamwork is an important value, and junior lawyers can count on the expertise and advice of senior lawyers.


“My internship at PFD Lawyers was the perfect opportunity to build a solid foundation for my legal career. During these few months, I had the opportunity to develop my knowledge in the area of law that really interests me.”


Marie-Michèle Paquin - Lawyer

“During my clerkship at PFD, I had the opportunity to learn a lot about the day-to-day practice of civil litigation. I was involved in a wide variety of cases, in many cases from the initial consultation with the client to the execution of the judgment.”


Vanessa Bradette - Lawyer

“During my internship, I interacted with passionate, brilliant, dynamic and creative people. Above all, I met real people who understood that we can achieve much more through collegiality than through individuality. People who, in my opinion, have become much more than colleagues.”


Stéphanie Dionne - Lawyer

“When I started my internship at PFD, I met a dynamic and stimulating team. The mandates I carried out were varied, interesting and enriching, but above all I joined a group of welcoming and fun people.”


Stéphanie Provost - Partner

Frequently asked questions

What is an internship at PFD Lawyers like?

Internships at PFD Lawyers are not rotational. An articling student is therefore expected to work with several lawyers in different practice areas. It’s a great opportunity to discover the practice you’re interested in and work with almost every lawyer in the firm.


What types of mandates are entrusted to students or trainees?

As a student or articling student, you’ll have the opportunity to do research, help prepare arguments, assist with conference preparation, attend lawyer-client meetings, make representations to the court and draft procedures or contracts. You may also have the opportunity to attend trials, closing sessions or out-of-court examinations.


How many interns are hired each year?

The firm hires around 2 or 3 trainees a year.


Can I work as a student before my internship?

Yes, future trainees are invited to join us the summer after their third year of undergraduate studies. This is a great opportunity for them to become familiar with private practice and to meet their new colleagues.


In which PFD Lawyers office will my internship take place?

Normally, interns work at our Boisbriand or Saint-Jérôme offices. The location of the internship is determined by workload.


How many interns receive a job offer at the end of their internship?

90% of articling students in recent years have been offered positions as lawyers. PFD Lawyers has an excellent retention rate for articling students, and it is important for us to be able to offer a position as a lawyer to our articling students who are interested in this position and who have successfully completed their articling period.


Does PFD Lawyers take part in career days?

Yes, lawyers from our firm attend the Interfaculty Career Day in Montreal every year. We invite you to meet the lawyers and ask them any questions you may have about our firm and our articling program.


Is PFD Lawyers a signatory to the Entente de recrutement pour la course aux stages?

Yes, PFD Lawyers has decided to join the other major firms in Quebec and take part in the “Course aux stages” as part of the Entente de recrutement.


What is the interview process?

The entire process usually consists of two interviews. Successful candidates will first meet with a lawyer and a partner of the firm. This first interview is intended to be friendly. Its purpose is to learn about the candidate’s interests, expectations and motivations. Following this first interview, a shortlist is drawn up and the selected candidates are interviewed again by two or three partners of the firm. They then make the final selection of candidates to be offered an internship.